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Creating Content

With over 50 Content creators, journalists and video editors, we are a full-fledged content house.

Curating and Aggregating Content

Through careful selection of our sources, we provide our audiences with a well-rounded and unique content.

Portal development and Management

We can help turn your content ideas into successful online platforms and manage it for you.

Content monetization

If you are a publisher with unique content, or are having problems monetizing your content, we will help you with our direct and programmatic advertising expertise.

Campaigns consulting and execution

Through our excellent content marketing team, we make sure that your content reaches its target audience and provide you with the traffic you deserve.

An efficient web content market requires balancing the two sides of the market equation: The Advertisers and the Publishers.

The advertisers are always looking for quality content and segmented audiences, while the publishers are always looking to monetize their content and their reach.

Given our dedication to improving the Arabic content market, we offer our services to both.


Whether you are an agency, a brand, an ad-server or an SSP, whether you are operating through direct or programmatic advertising, you will find that Content Ventures is dedicated to get their clients the best ROI on their investment.

We have a network that covers Sports, News, Female interests, real estate and trade, and that is performance-based and compatible with all programmatic platforms.

Our team of content creators and developers can also provide your brand or client with 1) Campaigns planning and execution.
2) Strategic consulting.
3) creative design, production and development services.
4) Real-time customer & technical support.

You will find more data on our network here and a list of our partners.



At Content Ventures, we are passionate about content. We aim to continuously develop the Arabic content market, which we do either through developing new ventures, helping others develop their own, and helping other content publishers make the most of their content.

If you are a publisher with unique content, or are having problems monetizing your content, Content Ventures offers the following to fellow publishers:

1) Network exposure.
2) Know-how in ad placement and media landscaping.
3) Monetization strategies and Sales segmentation.
4) Programmatic advertising consulting and assistance.
5) Direct Monetization of your video content through our in-house developed video-player.
6) Content Marketing and distribution.

If you need our help, contact us here

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